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Stephen Allen

Position: Education, Outreach & Administration Coordinator
Email Address:
A man with a beanie and a dog on a leash standing in a snowy forest.

A dedicated education professional with a local academic background and a passion for public service. I earned a Bachelor's degree in U.S. History and Environmental Policy and later a Master’s in Education both from Gonzaga University, I have continued my passion for education by demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence and a multidisciplinary approach to education throughout the community. My focus is developing and promoting outdoor learning, conservation education and career/technical educational programs. By fostering a connection between students and nature, we can contribute to the holistic development of young individuals and instill a sense of local natural resource stewardship and career development. I envision a future where education goes beyond traditional boundaries, embracing innovative and accessible practices that equip students with the knowledge and tools to thrive in a future filled with unforeseen challenges and uncertainty.