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Rush Skeletonweed

A slender bush with thin branches against a hilly backdrop.
  • Name: Rush Skeletonweed (Chondrilla juncea)
  • Introduction: Central Asia and the Mediterranean Basin including North Africa, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
  • Habitat: Well-drained, sandy-textured or rocky soils.
  • Infestation: Rangelands, semi-arid pastures, croplands, transportation right-of-ways, residential properties and other areas subjected to repeated soil disturbance.
  • Available control: Mechanical, chemical, and biological. 
  • Priority of Control:  Prevent root fragments from producing new plants, prevent from seeding
  • Biological Control: For more information about the biological control of Rush Skeletonweed, please visit WSU Extension Integrated Weed Control Project
  • ​For More Detail: Visit the Washington Noxious Weed Control Board listing for Rush Skeletonweed.