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Mary Malone

Position: Executive Director
Email Address:
A smiling person with glasses, long wavy hair, a hand on face, and a white top.

My name is Mary Malone and I am the new executive director for the Pend Oreille Conservation District. My initial background was in communications, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho and an associate degree in communications from Spokane Falls Community College. After about 6 years in journalism, I decided it was time to change pace and became the executive assistant for the City of Sandpoint, directly under the City Administrator and Mayor. Then in May of 2021, I moved on to do education and outreach for the Pend Oreille County Noxious Weed Board, and immediately began working part of the time with my predecessor at the District, Alex, and quickly fell in love with the environmental and conservation aspects of the position, and everything we have been able to do to help out our local landowners over the years. Alex built the District from one employee to six, and I am excited to continue the amazing work she has been doing!