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Honey Bee Vs Yellow Jacket

Bee vs wasp.jpg
Honey Bees
We can't live without them! 

As pollinators, crucial to our production of food, honeybees are some of the most beneficial insects around.

Yellow Jackets
Aggressive and have no benefit! 

The danger posed by these insects significantly outweighs any beneficial aspect of their presence. If the honeybee colony is weak, the yellowjackets win. They’ll eat up the honey and pollen and also eat the honeybee workers themselves. They won't leave without also devouring the unborn honeybee brood.

You can help the honey bee population by...

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 6.36.26 PM.png

 Use yellow jacket traps. Visit your local hardware store and get a few yellow jacket traps that uniquely attract just the bullies and none of the good guys. They are relatively inexpensive and very effective. 

Pro Tip: Put out early to catch the queens!

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